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We are continuously working to promote our AI-Robootics agenda globally. This page will contain all recent updates as events unfold.

July 27, 2020

MusashiAI announces Commercial Launch and Proof of Concept Agreements

Live trials confirm that MusashiAI’s autonomous robotic visual inspector and autonomous forklift management system and driver exceed modelled expectations with unparalleled efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety standard.

July 23, 2020

The Rise of the Robot Workforce

The world’s first employment agency for robots wants to help manufacturers level up their operations with the use of edge computing, optics and AI

December 23, 2019

MusashiAI Launches World’s First Robot Employment Agency

MusashiAI, a joint venture between SixAI Ltd. of Israel and Musashi Seimitsu of Japan (a Honda Motor Corporation affiliate company), has launched its fully-autonomous robots to integrate seamlessly with human workers in an industry 4.0 factory environment. Its robots will undertake the often strenuous and repetitive work endured by humans in industrial workplaces.

April 3, 2019

Musashi Seimitsu, a Honda Motor Corporation Affiliate Company, Launches Industry-First AI-Powered Solutions and Consortium

Global leader in powertrain parts manufacturing, Musashi Seimitsu Corporation, a Honda Motor Corporation affiliate company, announced today the formation of the Musashi AI consortium in collaboration with Israeli technology pioneer and founder of Poliakine Innovation, Ran Poliakine, and SixEye Interactive.

The MusashiAI 
R&D Center
opening in Israel

Eli Cohen, Minister of the Israeli Economy

Speech at the event

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